Fishadelphia's mission

Fishadelphia is a community seafood program based in South Philadelphia. 

Fishadelphia connects communities: we bring high quality, fresh seafood from regional harvesters and processors to economically and culturally diverse consumers at reasonable prices.  Fishadelphia’s day-to-day operations are planned and coordinated by a group of high school students at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus in South Philadelphia.

Our goals are:

  • Everyone has access to delicious and affordable seafood.

  • Our customers know where their food comes from and how to care for it.

  • Our harvesters and processors make a good living.

  • We support sustainable harvest of seafood.  

  • We promote connection, understanding, and solidarity between and within eating and fishing communities.  

  • We act as a model and inspiration for other youth-oriented work.  

The following values are important to us as we work toward our goals:

  • Serve, build, and connect diverse communities.  

  • Treat people right.  

  • Do thoughtful, place-based work.  

  • Support sustainable regional fisheries.

  • Promote learning all around.

  • Keep young people central to this work.

Fishadelphia is supported by the USDA Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) and the David H. Smith Conservation Fellowship. Our partners include the Heritage Shellfish Cooperative, the Fishermen’s Dock Cooperative in Point Pleasant, Randall’s Seafood, Maxwell Shellfish,Viking Village, Lund's SeafoodCommunity Voice Consulting, and Working Landscapes.