After School Program Curriculum

We will be posting our lesson plans from the After School Program in Spring 2019.

Fishadelphia How to Manual - Adapt & Modify the program to Bring it To Your Area

We are working to identify our process, structure, and approach of Fishadelphia overall and the After School Program to share with the broader community. Here is the Table of Contents for the document. Check back in December 2018 to see the completed version.

  1. Introduction to the Fishadelphia Project

    • What does Fishadelphia focus on?

    • How does Fishadelphia do it?

    • What are benefits of the Fishadelphia approach?

    • How did the Fisha delph ia Project develop?

  2. Fishadelphia Program (Overall) Management

    • Business Model of Fishadelphia Program

    • After School Program Description

    • Communicatio n About Program

  3. After School Program Set-up

    • Establishing School Partnership

    • Recruiting & Re taining  Participating Students

  4. Getting Things Started for After School Program

    • Emphasis on Team Building / Leadership Development

    • Exploring Food Systems Context

    • Assessing Customer Interest

    • Working with Bureaucracy to Get it Started

    • Developing CSF Structure

  5. After School Program Support Structures

    • Setting Up Finance Structure

    • Marketing Program

    • Securing Media Attention

  6. Running CSF Season through After School Program

    • Focusing on Customer Relations

    • Acquiring Fish to Purchase

    • Implementing Fish Pickups

    • Facilitating Community Building

  7. Assessing Impact of the Fishadelphia Program

    • Identifying Impacts on Stakeholder

    • Tracking Student Changes from After School Program

    • Results of Fishadelphia Implementation

  8. Conclusions