Our team

Fishadelphia’s team includes middle and high school students, teachers, and marine biologists.

Student team members

Wen Xin (12th grade)

Wen Xin joined Fishadelphia in 2017 as a junior, because she loves fish - eating fish, catching fish, and watching fish. Also, she was excited to start a student business! Fishadelphia has been a great experience for her to learn about and explore both the business and the seafood worlds. She love to watch anime and draw anime characters. Plus, she likes to play basketball. She speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English.


Charlisse (10th grade)

Charlisse - compassionate, driven, and hardworking - joined the Fishadelphia family in its first year while she was in the 9th grade. She wanted to learn how to run a business and be around and a part of something she loves: seafood. Charlisse enjoys cooking, reading, listening to music, and learning new things. She currently wants to learn a new language.


Cindy (10th grade)

Cindy joined Fishadelphia this year as a 10th grader. She joined because she likes seafood and is interested in running a successful business. Cindy enjoys listening to music, cooking food, doing yoga, and eating seafood, especially sushi. A fun fact about her is that she is Vietnamese and mixed with White, Puerto Rican, Chinese, and French.


Jenny (10th grade)

Jenny joined Fishadelphia because she loves to work with others and hopes to get experience with what it’s like to run a business. Facts about Jenny are that she loves to sing and talk to people. Jenny speaks Burmese, Chin (her local language) and English.


Michelle (10th grade)

Michelle joined Fishadelphia because she wanted to work with people and gain some experience with how to run a business organization. A fact about Michelle is that she likes to play basketball. Michelle speaks both English and Spanish.


Miguel (10th grade)

Miguel started fishing at a young age and loves to fish. He loves anything that has to do with water or the sea. He joined Fishadelphia in 9th grade because he wanted to know who caught his fish and also wanted to know the quality of the fish he was eating. Miguel is also excited to sell high-quality fish to his community at a reasonable price. His favorite food is anything from the sea. He cooks seafood and likes to eat and cook new things. Miguel speaks two languages: Spanish and English.


Nayeli (10th grade)

Nayeli loves fish and decided to join Fishadelphia because of her interest in fish. Also, Fishadelphia has provided a learning experience on how a business works. Her favorite type of fish is tilapia. A fun fact is that she is bilingual, and speaks both English and Spanish. She loves to listen to music and to dance.


Yenifer (9th grade)

Yenifer joined Fishadelphia because she is interested in businesses and likes to meet new people.  Plus, she thinks it is really fun to go fishing and eat seafood. Her favorite things to do are listen to music and dance. Yenifer speaks Spanish and English.


Devin (8th grade)

Devin loves to fish - any time, any kind of fish, whether it is a king of the seas or the smallest fish in the world. He just loves to fish!  He has caught striped bass, large and smallmouth bass, catfish, sunfish, and perch, and hopes that he can catch more different fish in his lifetime.


Marisol (7th grade)

Marisol joined Fishadelphia because she wanted to get some experience with how to start a business. Her favorite fish is salmon. She speaks both English and Spanish.

Staff members


Ms. Tasha Palacio (Youth Development Coordinator)

Tasha has no fish background. But she enjoys seafood! But even more than seafood,Tasha enjoys being a helping hand with students. Talia reached out to her about Fishadelphia and Tasha was delighted at the chance to work with such amazing students! When Tasha isn’t at Fishadelphia she’s spending time with her family, watching Tim Burton movies, debating Disney/Pixar theories, watching and singing along to musicals, playing with dogs, and discovering new streets in the city.





Ms. Kelli Williams (Social Media Specialist)

Kelli, an avid social media user, joined Fishadelphia after overhearing a student talk about the program’s goals. Kelli is currently the building substitute at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus. Kelli is a wizard in the kitchen and thoroughly enjoys cooking. She is especially fond of Caribbean cuisine, such as oxtails, mofongo, brown stew chicken, and plantains. Additionally, she loves shopping, writing, and reading. Some of her favorite authors include William Shakespeare, Ellen Hopkins, and Michael Eric Dyson.




Dr. Talia Young (Program Director)

Talia started Fishadelphia because she wanted to connect fishing communities on the shore with eating communities in the city. She also thinks it’s important to work with young people on real-world projects.  Talia used to teach science at Mastery Charter Thomas, and is now a Smith Conservation Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University.  To learn more about her academic research, check out her web site. When she is not selling - or studying - fish, Talia likes to cook and eat delicious food, go on adventures in the city and in the wilderness, read fiction, make quilts, and hang out with her kid.