Sign up for our community seafood buyers club and get fresh local fish at great prices!

How does it work? 

We buy fresh fish and shellfish directly from fishermen, docks, and farmers in NJ. We bring the fish to South Philly, and you pick it up. Our pilot season (spring 2018) will have 8 shipments of fish - one kind every other week.

When and where is this happening? 

You pick up the fish every other Thursday afternoon (3:30-6) at Mastery Charter Thomas Campus  (927 Johnston Street, one block south of Oregon). Next pickup is 2/22/18, and last pickup is 5/17/18. 

Can I still sign up if the season has already started?

Yes! If you sign up after the season has already started, you will pay just for the remaining weeks of the season.

What kinds of and how much fish am I going to get? And how much will it cost? 

You can choose between two options for this pilot season: Blue club (whole fish) or Orange club (fish fillets).

BLUE CLUB (whole fish) 


Regular membership$160 for the whole season in advance
Community discount*$10 / week or $70 for the whole season in advance

Amount of fish

You will receive 1-5 whole fish in each shipment. Whole fish may or may not be cleaned. In some cases, you may receive fillets instead of whole fish.

Kinds of fish**

Scup (porgy), flounder, mackerel, dogfish, skate, clams, squid, crabs

ORANGE CLUB (fillets)


Regular membership$192 for the whole season in advance
Community discount*$14 / week or $98 for the whole season in advance


You will receive 2 lbs of fillets in each shipment.


Scup (porgy), flounder, black sea bass, blackfish, dogfish, skate, clams, squid, crabs

*The community discount applies to any member who has a student enrolled at Mastery Charter Thomas, or who pays with SNAP, or who is referred by another member eligible for the community discount.

**Our goal is to provide you with the best, freshest fish at the lowest price. These lists of fish are our best guess but the kinds of fish may change based on availability and price.

Why should I buy fish from you instead of wherever I’m buying it from right now?

Our fish is as fresh as it gets; it will probably be harvested the day before you pick it up. You can’t get it fresher than that!

Why don’t you have any salmon or shrimp?

We sell fish and shellfish that are caught or farmed on the NJ shore. Salmon need cooler water, and shrimp need warmer water than we have here in the Mid-Atlantic. We think NJ is home to a diverse array of delicious fish and shellfish species, and we hope you agree!

Can I get just fish and no shellfish?

We are not currently able to offer a fish-only club. Check back with us next year! 

Sounds great! How do I sign up? 

You can sign up here , email us at <> or call us at (267) 666-0924.

Is there anything else should I know?

We’re going to have a trip to the docks in April, and an end-of-season celebration in May! Stay tuned for more details!