Fishadelphia fall 2019 subscription

Fishadelphia fall 2019 subscription

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Fishadelphia’s fall 2019 season will include 7 shipments of seafood, one every other week, and will start in late September or early October, and run through late December.

We will have TWO pickup locations this season: South Philly (Mastery Thomas, 927 Johnston Street, 19148, probably on Thursdays), and North Philly (Mastery Gratz, 1798 West Hunting Park Avenue, 19140, probably on Fridays). (If you sign up for one pickup location but need to change it later, you can just let us know.)

You will get a different amount of fish every week, depending on the cost of the species. You choose whole fish (Blue Club - 1-5 lbs of whole fish), or fillets (Orange Club - 0.75 - 3 lbs of fillets). If you sign up for whole fish, you will typically receive fish that are neither scaled nor gutted, whole shellfish in the shell (like clams or oysters), or occasionally, if the fish are very large, fillets. If you sign up for fillets, you will receive either fillets (which may or may not have skin) or whole shellfish in the shell (like clams or oysters).

Regular rate is $140 for the 7-week season, or $20/week pro-rated for the season. Community rate is $10/week or $70 for the season, and available only to customers who send a student to Mastery Thomas, are eligible for public assistance, or are referred by another community-rate customer. MCTC/MCGC rate is available to teachers and staff at Mastery Thomas and Gratz.

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